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Domestic Violence & Assault Attorney

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Fall River, Massachusetts

When police get a domestic violence call, they going to be looking to make an arrest. As aggressively as the prosecution handles domestic violence cases, the need for powerful legal defense is crucial.

The Law Offices of Jerald Silvia provides high-quality defense representation to people who have been arrested on domestic violence charges. Protecting your rights is our highest priority.

Contact us today by telephone at 508-675-7747 to speak with an experienced Falls River, Massachusetts, criminal defense lawyer. We return all phone calls by the end of the day.

Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

At the Law Offices of Jerald Silvia, we understand the impact domestic violence can have on a household and the lives of victims. We also understand how domestic violence charges can wind up hurting people who do not belong in the criminal justice system. A domestic violence conviction can keep you from being able to live in your house and see your family. It can lead to probation and prison time.

Also, the alleged victim in a domestic violence case is not allowed to take back the accusation. If a charge was made, the prosecution will continue, even if the person who made the accusation tries to "drop the charges." A domestic violence charge has the power to disrupt your household. A conviction can tear apart your family. Fight these charges head on by enlisting the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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If you are facing charges of domestic assault, or have had a protective order brought against you, we are here to stand up for your rights. Contact us today by telephone at 508-675-7747 to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We offer free initial consultations, affordable payment plans and reasonable rates.

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