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Massachusetts Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

DUI Charge Defense Lawyer in Fall River, Massachusetts

If you have been charged with an OUI (DUI, drunk driving) charge in Massachusetts, you face the threat of serious criminal consequences. You could lose your license. You could face steep fines and sky-rocketing insurance rates. You could even wind up in jail.

The Law Offices of Jerald Silvia provides powerful legal defense for people facing charges of drunk driving. Attorney Silvia will stand up for your rights and aggressively defend you.

Contact us today by telephone at 508-675-7747 to speak with an experienced Falls River, Massachusetts, DUI charge defense lawyer. We return all phone calls by the end of the day.

Are You Facing DUI Charges?

At the Law Offices of Jerald Silvia, attorney Silvia understands how to beat drunk driving (DWI, DUI) charges. There are a number of questions to raise when mounting a successful defense for you:

  • Was the stop legal?
  • Was the field sobriety test properly administered?
  • Was the Breathalyzer equipment faulty?
  • Did the police act in accordance with the rules?

We will carefully review all of the details of your arrest and all available evidence to build a convincing case for you. If the police have failed to live up to their obligations, our experienced defense lawyer will stand up for your constitutional rights. We understand the severity of DUI charges and will do everything in our power to spare you the consequences of a conviction.

Contact Us Today

If you are facing OUI (DUI, drunk driving) charges in Massachusetts, we will stand up for your rights. Contact us today by telephone at 508-675-7747 to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We offer free initial consultations, affordable payment plans and reasonable rates.

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